Our Guarantee

Island Ozone’s 100% Odour Elimination Limited Guarantee

Island Ozone is more than happy to come back and do a retreatment if you feel the odour is still there- without charge. Please see our “Guarantee Limitations” below.

What to Expect

Usually only one treatment is enough to do the trick since we promise our odour removal treatment is meticulous and thorough. However, there are rare occasions that the customer might find a slight odour is still lingering. In this case, Island Ozone is happy to come back, free of charge, and provide a second Ozone treatment.

On a separate note, there are also rare occasions where a customer will find that a strong odour remains after treatment. Most times this is the result of a hidden cause (see “What are Hidden Causes” for explanation). The customer may choose to have the treatment redone at a discounted price. However, the hidden cause must be removed and the area cleaned prior to the re-treatment.

Ozone doesn’t just mask odours, it destroys them permanently! That’s why we offer a guarantee (based on average home conditions) for our Ozone Treatments. Island Ozone reserves the right to perform a second Ozone Treatment at no extra cost, or provide a partial or full refund.

Guarantee Limitations: Hidden Causes

Discovering and removing the source of the odour is essential for an ozone treatment to be effective. This will prevent any odour from returning.

What are Hidden Causes?

Some Hidden Cause Examples:

  • Mould caused by a moisture problem
  • Dead rodents in hidden places (like behind walls)
  • Cigarette butts in hidden places

Other smells could be simply covering up these odours. Therefore, the source of these odours must be removed prior to the ozone treatment, so that the treatment can be fully effective. Otherwise, any odour will return. The rule of thumb for an ozone treatment in the case of any odour is “The source must first be removed”

Another important point, regarding cigarette smoke odours, painting the walls or any other surfaces as a method of odour control will cover the chemical that the smoke produces. If this is done, the cigarette odour will be trapped behind the second coat of paint. In this case, Ozone will not be able to penetrate the painted surface and get at the source of that cigarette odour.

Helpful Hint

Discovering and removing the source of the odour is essential for an ozone treatment to be effective. This will prevent any odour from returning.

Sample Scenarios

  • Connector.

    Pet-Urine-Saturated Carpets

    You must be steam-cleaned in order for an ozone treatment to permanently eliminate the odour. Ozone cannot penetrate into the carpet to get to the underlay beneath.

  • Connector.

    A Musty Odour Caused by Mould

    Mould must be removed. Ozone can neutralize the mould on the surface (making it no longer hazardous) but once the mould has eaten into the organic substance it is growing on, it must be removed or the mould will grow back.

  • Connector.

    Dead Rodent Odours

    These types of odours can be eliminated by an Ozone Treatment. However, the rotting carcass must be removed from the house or it will continue to deteriorate and the odour will return.

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