A Mobile Ozone Sterilization Treatment Service
for Your Home, Auto, RV and Boat

Sterilize Your Environment

100% Chemical free and Natural

Whether you‘re concerned about your environment or the health of your family, Our Ozone Sterilization Treatment Service might be just right for you.

We offer a mobile ozone Treatment Located in Nanaimo British Columbia Servicing the Mid Vancouver Island Area Including, Nanaimo, Parksville, Coombs, Nanoose Bay, Duncan, Ladysmith, Errington, Chemainus, Qualicum Beach, Lantzville, Salt-Air, Crofton, Cobble Hill, Mill Bay.

About indoor air quality:

  • 6 out of 10 homes are sick

  • 90% of time is spent indoors

  • Indoor air is 10-100 times more polluted than outdoor air

Bothered by Odours, Allergens like Dust & Pollen, Germs or Mould?


Want a clean, fresh-smelling environment?

So Do We !

In an enclosed environment, ozone completely kills all bacteria it comes in contact with. Eradicating all smells caused by pathogenic bacteria. Other smells, such as musty mould, kitchen cooking or body odours can be effectively removed by shocking the environment with high concentrations of ozone.

Your Natural Solution to a Clean Environment


Home Treatment

(3 – 4 Hours)

Odours often go unnoticed by the homeowner and therefore can be a continual source of embarrassment when noticed by a guest instead. Odours such as Pet odours, Cigarette odours, and even that musty old house smell that is caused by moisture, cooking and other daily rituals. Common attempts are made to mask the smell with sprays and plug-ins but these methods don’t get to the source of the odour. A Home Ozone Treatment takes approximately 3 hours, and permanently destroys the molecules that create any odour, while increasing the value of your home and leaving a fresh, natural scent behind.Even though Ozone is safe to use, all people, pets and plants must be removed from the area, as Ozone is a respiratory irritant. Once the treatment is finished and all of the Ozone is reverted back to O2, it is safe to enter and you’ll be left with a clean, fresh-smelling, bacteria-free environment.

RV/Motorhome Treatment

(1 – 1.5 Hours)

RV’s, whether they’re brand new or not, can have odour problems due to the moist environments they are constantly in due to climate and weather. Odours can take away from the experience of using the RV, and can drastically decrease its value. An RV/Motorhome Ozone Treatment takes approximately 1 hour, and sterilizes the air and the fabrics in the RV (such as curtains, and bed sheets) Once the treatment is finished and all of the Ozone is reverted back to O2, the RV is safe to enter and you’ll be left with a bacteria-free environment with a fresh natural Ozone smell.

Vehicle Treatment

(30 – 45 minutes)

Bad odours in your vehicle can not only be embarrassing and unpleasant, but can also create a very unhealthy environment for passengers and especially children, elderly, and those with weakened immune systems. An Ozone Vehicle Treatment is able to clean deep into fabrics (seats, floor, etc.) destroying bacteria and odours in every square inch of the vehicle, especially in hard-to-reach areas that standard cleaning methods can’t get to. As the interior of a vehicle is much smaller than that of a home, Ozone can spread much faster, and can be aired out much easier. An Ozone Vehicle Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. Once the treatment is finished and all of the Ozone is reverted back to O2, the vehicle is safe to enter and you’ll be left with a clean, bacteria-free environment with a fresh natural Ozone smell.

Boat Treatment

(2-3 Hours)

The interior of a boat is ideal for odours and bacteria to form. With a damp environment left sitting in our humid climate, mould also has ideal conditions to grow causing serious health issues. An Ozone Treatment will destroy any odours, bacteria, mould, and all other dangerous pollutants, leaving the air, surfaces, and fabrics smelling fresh.

How Cleaning With Ozone Works

Oxygen in any environment is reactive as O² creating rust or fire, but when it is broken apart into single Oxygen atoms using the coronal discharge method, they recombine to form the extremely unstable and far more reactive element we know as O³, this dissolves the outer membrane of bacteria causing them to pop like a balloon. They cannot adapt to this, or evolve a resistance over successive generations, like many have done in our hospitals with their resistance to chlorine and other toxic chemicals.

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